2002-06-16 08:09:35 (UTC)

im back...

this shift is fun.. we watched but im a cheerleader... alli
and sebastien and kevin came by to see me for a cigarette
break at 2 something.. im talking to matt. FUCKER. what
is he doing. really. sebastien said they almost broke up
tonight or something. and that georgina was talking about
how shes glad im being nice to her. aww. too bad i have
to hate her. too bad shes ugly and a poser too, but shes
just young and stupid.. anyway.. hes talking
about "situations" not staying where you left them,
they're a part of you and "new approches to old situations"
fuck off matt. AGGHHH... man... ashley's coming to see
me=) yay.. the guy ken im working with said i could sleep
for awhile in an office if i want... i might take him up on
that... for now.. i'm talking to dawn.. shes so cute.. i'll
be so sad when she leaves.. i think im guna play collapse.