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2002-06-16 07:52:00 (UTC)

A good day for once

Okay so I am a groupie. NoN technical anyways. It's 3:30 in
the morning and I cant get to sleep because I can't smoke a
cigarette. I think I am going to start to carry Tylenol PM
in my purse. Anyways... So Halle and I went to the Legion
{in the bar with my mom} because Coco Beanos were playing.
Ryan Voegle decides to say over the mic that he needs
water, LoL. So I decide to get him water. It was great. So
they take a break and decide to sit around me and Halle. It
was cool. I think she had a lot of fun. Matt James is the
bass player and he's REALLY hot. Definetly very cool too.
So the entire night I was making eye contact and smiling
and he smiled back...funfun. I was kinda doing the same
thing with Brian uh... Brian... but it wasn't quite the
same. I think it was more of a "Hey your cool" than a "Hey
let's fuck". Everyone was really cool though, LoL. My mom
let me drink half of her Bahama Mama {3 different kinds of
rum and some fruit juice} and I got a good buzz off it. It
was pretty funny. Completely off subject but I have to
paint my nails again, I just can't keep nailpolish on them.
Always chewing it off... I have LTC on Wednesday, and it
ends on Sunday. I'm kinda pissed because Coco Beanos are
playing Rock on the Dock on Friday and I'm going to miss
it. I hope that I can get ahold of them to like let them
know or something because we said we would be there. I
might IM or Email Brian. He's really cool and I think he
will remember me, LoL. Since I'm bored and in a writing
mood... I still have Joey's hair on my purse. I like Joey a
lot but nothing would ever come out of it. Like he thinks
I'm cool but I don't think he likes me like that. I guess I
just think he's really cool. To anyone that may read this:
Don;t call me a slut because I'm not. I'm not sleeping with
all of these guys at all, and I think I am having fun where
I am at in my life. At the moment anyways. Everything is
going rather well so don't make me change the way this
summer has been going because you think I am a slut. I'm
not, I'm just having fun.

{End of Entry, feeling happy}

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