The Daily Babble
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2001-06-20 03:13:24 (UTC)

Another Loooong day!...

Well I was told to get to the office early today cuz we
needed to have a staff I get there at
8:30...and no one's there! I had to let myself in and when
I was all dark and I heard someone banging on the
front door! But since I was the only one in the whole
building, I just ignored it and went upstairs. After a
while of waiting, I called Nimra, who was still at
home...So I didn't know when everyone was coming in...But
my new computer was all set up and I had a password and
everything, so I logged in and got to work. But before
that, I changed some settings...Like the color scheme...AND
I made a picture of me and Jeff from our webpage, my
background. Hehe.

Muhammed and some doctors showed up, and then Nimra. I had
a busy morning of phone calls and computer work. But I
still didn't get what I really needed to get done, done.
See, Magda was supposed to come in today and handle phone
calls so I could do Dr. Ahmed's Insurance stuff...but she
was sick and didn't come in! So all my time waws taken up
with the phone calls and by the time I got around to the
files, it was time for lunch and then time for Dr. Carney's
patients, so I had to go downstairs. In the time frame of
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Dr. Carney had over 12 patients. So it
was CRAZY. And I was handling it myself because Nimra was
out getting surgery on her mouth. So I was handling phone
calls, patients and charts, etc etc etc. Fun stuff.

I ended up staying until 5:30 and then came home. They
told me I could work later if I wanted to but I was ready
to leave.

Home wasn't soo bad...I had a long talk with my mom about
random things...helped with dinner [burned myself at one
point! =-(]..watched smoe TV..and made brownies since my
mom finally got vanilla ice cream.

So I made some Brownie and Vanilla ice cream dessert for me
and my sister. It was good. =-) I also saw the Real
World 10th Anniversary Special. ..

Today I'm really starting to miss Jeff...I started to get a
lil lonely at work after putting his picture up. I'm so
used to even just hearing his voice or talking to him
online when I don't see him..and its going to be another
week before I see him...SIGH...

Well, I have to go work on my paper again...I've decided to
present on Thursday, so I still have to make some
Powerpoint slides! Wish me luck!

Well, tomorrow's another day!

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