2002-06-16 04:09:27 (UTC)

the soul of someone close to me...

in these dreams of mine...

AAAAARRRRRR... what an asshole.. for real.. anyway so i
guess i was losing it last night and he called... and so
sad, i was instantly fine.. just his voice.. today i slept
really late til like 4 then i got dads present and tanned
and went to dinner with my parents, then i went to
friendlys and backstage with gus and alli and sebastien and
kevin.. and before i got back out of bed to go, i was
like "gus i really dont want to be around both of them
again" and he was like "oh she wont be there" but then
there they came and i was like aaaghh... ive become too too
dependent on the razors in my bag... then ashley called=)
and i went and saw her for coffee... and i saw dawn
finally, she came back from mexico.. my throat hurts.. it
was so good to see ashley.. why is he doing this. what is
his point what is he trying to do to me what is he trying
to prove... i dont understand.. so im at work, my first
night on 3rd shift.. mike showed me how to put IMer up
without downloading... and im talking to ashley... yay
theres a whole lots and lots of movies here to watch.. this
is nice.. i wont think about him.. alli and sebastien said
they'll come by and say hi when they leave the club and
ashley might come when i take my lunch breakk... im guna go
for now until i get bored.