the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-06-20 02:43:35 (UTC)




well t is true it only takes a gurl a week to get outta
shap .. i went back to swim practice and i was whoa slower
than usual i feel like stuffed cow but that is fine .. ya
know.. humm ne ways so yeah i am finally going to go to
mexico and i have been sdown here since last august and i
have not been yet .. okay yeah ne ways so all of my 16
years in life i have not been sprung on anyone like this ..
I AM IN LOVE WITH BUBBA MEADOR !!!!!!!!! i am not sure why
i am guess b/c he looks good in anything an he actually
took time to teach me something .. you see i thrive on
people to teach me stuff i wanna know anything and
everything i mean is that so bad .. i mean i am sure that
he thinks it is nothing .. but i mean it means something to
me .. he took his time to teach me how to kicker dance and
he basically knew nothing about me .. not even my name
really .. you see i would do anything for him.. whoa i am
not a physco but like i am in love with him .. god help
me .. you see all these songs remind me of him .. u see i
can't imagian any greater feeling than waking up with him
here .. and even though the sun would still shine on me ..
it would some how feel better in some way .. you see even
if i had to run .. if i had to crawl ..if i had to swim a
hundred rivers just to cliam a thousand walls .. i will
always fins a way to get to where he is .. there is no
place that far and i am sure now you are thinking .. whoa
pshyco chic .. i am not .. i am just in love .. ne
ways ... okay i need to stop obsesing over him.. or as i
call him the jesus character .. :z
ne ways so yeah .. you see i was browsing on here the other
day and i found this guys diray or whatever .. his name is
jeff and like whoa he uses some big words but you know like
his has to be one of thebest readings i have found lately
not to hurt anyone eles :)
but yeah .. umm yeah .. okay i remember i cut my knee open
at practice today .. i mean we are not talkijng big gaping
whole just a cut and it hurst just so u know !!!!!!
i mean i am a baby about things like this and to think i
wanna be a surgen .. humm well u see i am thinking about
taking another career path and just being a pediatrican b/c
i don't think i can deal with all that crap about cutting
flesh ... well ya know .. okay dude about thte whole greg
thing .. well he has nto called and i mean i guess i
deserve it i should have been honest but ya know .. i am a
crak head sometimes and i am sure he is feed up with my
mess .. humm Darcy is getting hers now .. trey is moving 2
or 3 hours away in like 3 or 4 weeks hehehehehe i mean i
know that sounds crule but ya know i liked things more when
he was not in the picture .. he is a dork and like i don't
really like him to much anymore .. i just think for all
the times she has gave me crap about not being nice when i
was trying this is her punishment !
so hahahaha darcy and well as my dad calls it we are in
love again .. heheheheh mean ing darcy and i
u see like when we are fighting we are not in love and
when we are not fighting we are in love ... i dunno i guess
things like that come with old age .. i mean hell i can't
wait till the day can blame my dumb jokes and stunts on my
age .. hehehehe
well ya know
humm ia going to go .. later