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2002-06-16 03:38:43 (UTC)

today is saturday. yesterday i..

today is saturday. yesterday i stayed home and hung around
with mo. then this morning maggie woke me up which is quite
typical. then she picked me up and we went to her house to
paint this tree house thing in her back yard. it sounds
really stupid but i love to paint and we can pant ne thing
we want on it. so after that we ran around shopping for her
dad. then we went back to her house for pizza and then
michelle tari came over and we went to higher grounds, this
coffe shop, to see some gay ass jazz band. but it was fun
and w had a melow night and we played cards and chess. now
i am home.......also jackie and maggie broke up - think god
bc they were so annoying, maggie is my best fiend and when
she is with her gf all the tme it would get so annoying bc
jackie would conrtoll her and she was a headcase. she is a
really sweet gil and ive gone out of my way but i didt like
how she ddint like maggie hanging out with me.
so lets write about how i feel today, the family is ok
my dad has been an ass to every one lately. i got a new
cell phone and he almost lipped bc i didnt tell him first
even though i did. i only basically feel like i have on
fried who is my maggie. and i guess that is all i need. i
really miss writing about those deep thoughts that i used
tohave bt now i feel all grown up and shallow. its kinda
sad. i feel really lonely now bc i haven hada a bf in so
long. i eve tal to greg bc i am so desperate. i havet
talked to matt since that one night. i really misshim soo
much. i hve been thinking about cathrine a lot too and i
wonder about that. i want to see her again soon perferably
with out her gf. that is so gross. ive known her for 4years
and all of a sudden i have different feelings but i tinkits
desperation.who knows, i dont think of megan ne more bc the
thought that she knows i wan her grosss me out and i cant
even look at her. i didnt go to amys grad party today bc i
didnt want to see joelle or baco. i have weird thoughts.

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