my own escape
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2001-06-20 02:40:40 (UTC)

the dream

I had a dream sat or friday nite.
I was climbing through people in stadium seating trying to
get to my family. not just immediate but my entire family.
I knew they were there. it was a sense.
i see them. i go towards them. i see Eileen. but the young
one. she wont look right at me but i see her and i know
shje see me. shit im standing right smack in front of her.
she knows im looking for my mom. i ask her if she can see
me cuz i can see her and she just looks at me and winks
then looks str8 ahead. she moves her head in such a fashion
that i look a few rows up and behind and i see my mom and
jane. but hey look sad they are consoling eachother. i dont
understand. i look back at eileen and she makes the same
movement with her head. I again look only this time behind
mom and janey and i see frani.
what does this mean to see two dead relatives one of which
is talking to you and your mom and her ister all in the
same area?
oh lord