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2002-06-16 02:56:37 (UTC)


My Dog Got Hit By a Car Yesterday...And Died...I Wrote A
Flow About Him...

Muh best frenn/muh doggie/muh good time/helpz me when I
got a bad rhyme/i wish my lil dog didn’t have to die/dayum
it god now u made me cry!/Blackie was always there for
me/it was like he was part of our family tree/he helped
bryten up my dayz/in my heart is where imma keep him so he
stayz/I think about all the gamez we use to play/and all
the faces and expressions he made/when we use to go to the
park and sit in the shade/the way he would persuade/me
into givin him a lick/of my ice cream now aint that a