My Life.............
2002-06-16 02:19:32 (UTC)

Men confuse me so much, i dont..

Men confuse me so much, i dont think they know what they
brian confuses me most of all, i talked to him a little bit
on yahoo messenger today, i finally told him it was me, and
he didnt block me, this is the third id ive gone through
with him, and i know there will be more, if he wants me to
leave him alone why doesnt he just not accept my id's or
when he finds out its me, just block me, and he says he
doesnt like me but he comes on my webcam all the time, i
dont like the way he treats me, but, i know he doesnt mean
the things he says so i dont let his words hurt me, i wish i
knew what he was thinking and feeling, but, he wont talk to
me like that, maybe i should just let him alone and stop
pushing, it just bothers me that he hates me and i dont know
why, ive never done anything to him and he wont tell me why,
maybe if i back off he will come to me, i dont know.:(
theres just something about him that i