Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-20 02:17:11 (UTC)

*Im not the person to fuck with today*

im having an off day today..... first in lunch leslie was
being a BITCH and because i called both her and ashley
assholes yesterday when they were being assholes, today she
said to me, oh and by the way, ashley told me what you
said, and if you dont like me you dont have to sit at this
table. Let me tell you that pissed me the fuck off and me
roxana alicia and veronica were like, this isnt you
table.... blah blah blah. And then i yelled at veronica
because she had been telling people about what happened
saturday when i told her and told her not to tell anyone
else, that bitch cant keep her mouth shut. Here is my aim
away message for right now.... its true.....

Auto response from blinkbunny4u: DAMMIT, people are so
FUCKIN annoying, brb while i yell some, ugh, right now i
have been sleep deprived for two weeks not getting more
than 5 hours a night, sometimes less, and i am not a person
that needs to be fucked with, gerrrrr. Well, i went to
sleep today at 6:00 but i just got up to study for my damn
first final that i have tomorrow and i just realized i
didnt really need to so now im up and i dont feel like
going back to bed. Oh, and the only reason im making this
away message so long is because i am putting off yelling
at whoever is being totally obnoxious with the motorcycle
sound effects in my driveway...... but i think i'll go see
now, brb for real this time....

As i said, i am just not the person to fuck with today, i
am so stressed. And plus, oh heres another thing, i had
little cramps today but i say to myself, nah, couldnt be my
period because then it would be 11 days early. So then i
get home and guess what? Its 11 days early. This on top
of everything else and its just AHHHHH. I wonder if it has
anything to do with me being so stressed?