Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2002-06-16 01:44:52 (UTC)

And the Good News Is...

Current mood: ahhhh (in an oh-so-good way)
Current music: Weezer

HE WROTE ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness, I
nearly went crazy. It turns out he was on vay-cay. His
email was very nice...even though he got home at 11:30 and
it was 3 am and he wanted to go to bed, he wrote me anyway!
I like Matt so much...will I ever get over him?!?!?
p.s.- the prom date was in my group at camp (that's where
i've been this past week) and he DROVE ME CRAZY! he's a
little annoying you guys...thank goodness my best friend
amanda (yup, there's 2 of us) was there to make me chill
out, otherwise i would have taken him out!!