2001-06-20 02:05:21 (UTC)

things i learned in the past hour

1. rejection sucks
2. never admit you have feelings cause that is the exact
moment they will be used to destroy you
3. ill always be the fat girl inside that i used to be
4. i will use my own weaknesses against myself
5. friday night will make it all go away
6. i should have called that other guy
7. i should have never sold out on someone else
8. i should have never fronted like i could have sex without
9. there is no such thing as fuck buddies
10. sex without emotions must remain that
11. it is not possible to be friends with someone once
they've fucked you (in more than one way)
12. he's not actually a bad guy
13. im no ones happiness
14. i hate myself
15. i shouldn't have said what i said
16. its better to have said than to have no said
17. whatever everything sucks