Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-06-15 20:24:15 (UTC)

fuck da title thing

yesterday whuz friday...and allen and jordan went over to
erin'z to chill. well jordan got bored and so he came over
here. well i aint suppose to have guyz in da house when my
momz aint home. and i thought me bro whuz kool wit it. but
i guess not, cuz he told my momz. i whuz so pissed at him.
she told me i couldnt go n e where dat nite. so erin came
over and we ordered a pizza and chilled at my house. whuznt
as thrillin' as friday nitez are suppose to be but ya kno.
today'z saturday. i think me and erin are gonna be goin' up
to da drive-in. seein' born identity and undercover
brothers. and tomorrow we probly be up at super splash,
hittin' on sum fine ass guyz and workin'on our tanz. so
datz probly my weekend. we were suppose to go to worldz of
fun tomorrow but datz gettin' put off 'til next weekend. oh
well. itz all good. well..hmm i up and ran outta thingz to
say, shit. fuck it. haha. i out.

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