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isn't life grand ??
2002-06-15 20:01:08 (UTC)

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yesterday my aunt died in her sleep. actually it was my
great aunt, my mom's aunt. my mom only had 2 aunts left,
ant my fav, hilda , died yesterday. she was 80 yrs old, but
she wasnt terribly sick or anything, she just went
peacefully in her sleep. My mom's other aunt is in an
alzheimers home in wa. state, she isnt doin too good. and I
have an aunt, one of my mom's sisters, the one that my mom
is closest too, that isnt doin too good either. I got all
this info from my dad last night, just before i left work.
I am not really on speaking terms with my parents, so I am
actually surprised that he even called me. He also told me
that i am welcomed to come over on sundays for dinner and
to bring my kids as well, but i am not sure about that. At
the moment, I still feel very uncomfortable with that idea.
I know that he is trying to mend fences, but I still do not
feel that i am truly welcome at their home after what he
has said about me having to repay the money that i borrowed
from him before i can take back any of my things that are
in storage in their basement. If he is gonna hold my stuff
hostage until he gets repaid, in my present financial
state , he will have my things forever....
i guess that is the update for now, and i will now go and

mood - depressed, confused, hurting....