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2002-06-15 19:41:33 (UTC)

hello Love,

hey Honey! i got a job! but just for today 3 to 10 im going
to be at the kenwood baseball place thing, working in the
concession stand, {just in case You wanted to come} i could
probably get You a dr.pepper or somfin. i was hoping to
talk to You before i left but if You can get on tonight,
please try to make it around 1030 im going to try and rush
home. if You want to call me too, tho ill have my cell
phone, david said it wasnt busy so id more than likely be
able to talk. i hope You having fun at nicki's party my
Love. im thinking of You
I Love You!!!
if i dont get the pleasure of talking to You then-
sweetdreams, and sleep well Beauty
I Love You~
{so much}