Lost and Searching
2002-06-15 19:21:37 (UTC)

Happy Birthday

Just celebrated my birthday birthday on Monday, and now i
am officially twenty years old......Now i wonder if i will
make it to my 21st birthday, i never thought about getting
old, just something i figured i would take in stride, but
now i wonder if i will even make it that far....i thought
about all the things that have happened since my last
birthday, and i am begining to realize the ups are getting
beat out by the downs.....I went to another college, my
grandfather died, i hurt my back, um found out i was dying,
travelled the united states, am a national livestock
judging memember, finally had sex, and now the best,
getting played, and letting a friend take the guy i
damn i am not sure what the hell else could go wrong, but i
figure i better go and find some wood to knock on....