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2001-06-20 00:26:47 (UTC)

Life is TO easy....RIGHT

HELLO..i know it has been forever sence i have written .
Alot of stuff has happened sence i last wrote that is one
thing i know for sure. Forst of all i got myself a new
job..out at Dennys..sence that just recently came to town.
THen let me see..i went last weekend with leah to holiday
world..yeah we are SO was fun though. I
havent been to that place in like ever yeah know. I went
there last when iwas a little kid. LOL..i miss being a
little kid sometimes, it was alot easier back then. I was
thinking about that the other day when i was ridingin in
the car with my mom. I was thinking ot myself that soon i
would end up being 16..and getting a car..and i have a
fulltimne job already. I just feel like i am never gonna
get past this little life. Everything has moved to fast for
me i think sometimes to myself. Me and jake are kina doing
alright. THings just kinda went bad when ..uh..Jake decided
to ask Steimel ..or he says he "suggested" to steimel that
they go out sometime. She was liuek ...NO NO NO..but i mena
i kinda cant trust jake now. Now i feel liek if i let my
friends to close to him, he is gonna start liking them.
Yeah know what i mean. MY dad and mom gave me 200 dollars
for staying on the honor roll all year long. ;SO i guess
that is a plus.things just have been goin ok. My mo, is all
paranoid about nielson..she thinks that i am liek doing
stuff with him. Well to a point i guess she could be right.
but we wont let her know that I dont really
care..he is 19...big fuckin whoop..yeah know what i
i dont really mind the ppl i work wiht .a.ctually i woudl
say i am getting along great with all of them. SO its all
good. I dunno when i am ever gonna go see dad this summer
but i am sure i will get around to doing that soon. Well i
better get goin ..later..

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