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2002-06-15 15:08:54 (UTC)


I'm sorry I couldn't talk to her longer. I actually was at
McDonalds on Brady talking into Nicks cell phone. He said
I could use it but I didn't wanna stay on there long. Ok,
back to our story. After New Years, we seemed to be
talking more regularly than ever. We would start to tell
each other more about ourselves. Around this time is when
I told her about what was happening with my dad and my
niece. It kind of bummed me out but she was supportive.
Within the next few days, she bought me a sympathy
card.(hahaha) She doesn't think thats what it was. I like
to joke with her about it. I kind of felt like an outsider
coz I didn't have a computer. I wanted one badly coz I
wanted to keep in touch with her. After breakfast one
morning, we went to K-mart. She showed this e-mailer
machine that receives and delivers e-mail. I never knew
there was such a thing. That really got me to thinking.
So, one day I went out and was looking at a real computer.
It really wasn't in my budget, so I was screwed there. I
went to American next and was looking at those e-mailers.
I talked with an employee about them and he showed me this
one model that did both e-mail and internet. What luck!!!
I knew that it was the thing for me. I took it home and
was so anxious to get it running. It took a couple days
but it was worth it. I think the first e-mail I sent was
to her. I told her not to write me back but to call me.
She was like, what the hell is with that? Oh well. As it
turns out, we both had MSN. Mine just came that way, but
it almost seems like fate that she had. I say that coz I
was able to instant message with her. Wow, it couldn't
have turned out any better. I remember that one time Nick,
her and me went to eat at the casino boat. After we were
done eating, we were in the lobby talking. He was sitting
down and me and her were standing up. Nick said we looked
like a couple so we put our arms around each other, she
rubbed my abs. That same night, me and her went to a
movie. We saw Beautiful Mind. It was a good show, but I
was just as happy to be there with her. After the show
ended, we went out to my truck. I drove her over to her
car, but she didn't get out yet. We sat and talked for
awhile. She asked me if I wanted her to leave. We had
been talking for awhile so I thought she would want to be
leaving. She did finally go though. As soon as I got
home, I logged on to the computer. After a little bit she
popped up as well. I asked her if she was on there coz I
said I was gonna be. She denied it but I knew
better.(haha) We talked about everything. Although, I
almost felt like I lost her that night. She was asking me
about sitting in the truck. Did I want her to leave? I
said that I didn't want her to leave but I didn't want it
to be weird coz she was married. After that, she started
talking about not being able to talk to me as much and not
being able to cut my hair when she got her liscense. I was
in shock. I tried to think of something to say to make her
change her mind. That night, I went to sleep feeling like
shit. Our next work day, I tried to console her and tell
her that I was sorry. She did finally tell me that she
wasn't really serious about not being my friend anymore,
she was just tired that night. Whew!!! Then it happened.
One night when we had one of our conversations til 3 am,
she asked me how I felt about her. I told her to hang on
and I'll give her my answer after I go to the bathroom.
She said she would hang. She later said that that kind of
pissed her off that I made her hang. Sorry!! When I came
back, I told her that I thought I could love her but she
was married and so I was content with just being her
friend. She said she was thinking about me constantly.
That surprised me. I knew she cared but I didn't think she
cared that much. After that, we started talking about
being together. I wasn't sure where it was gonna go but I
was excited to find out. Man, I just write and write and
write. So many memories. I think I'm just gonna stop
here. Tomorrow will be hugs, kisses and