my entity
2002-06-15 15:00:32 (UTC)

SeNTi- SaT- NiTe

yes..its saturday nite and im here in front of my computer
doing nothing...oh not really nothing, im listening to
mandy moore's cd particularly the song "Cry"...*sigh* this
song really makes me cry everytime i listen to
the fact that when i watched her movie, my face was pouring
out tears...oh well tears of lots of things i
guess...the "kilig" thingy just too
sentimental maybe...

actually, some friends (JR n Jen) invited me to go out and
have some food trip gig (DAMPA) but i refused to go with em
since im on a tight budget...oh well i guess i just have to
deal with it :(

on the contrary, not going is quite a good decision, at
least i was able to take some rest and be ready for
tomorrow's church service :)

another thing is that, tomorrow is my best friend's 25th
bday and i think we're having a small celebration at her i guess...i really need to rest and sleep early..

so bye for now...

11:01 PM