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2001-06-19 23:16:54 (UTC)

getting better

Work was good and i am thankful for my job..I am able to
feed the kids with my income and thats a blessing,,,my
problems are pale in comparison with a pt.i saw
today.Strong lady and i pray i can have half the strength
she has...I will pray everything works out with her and her
future...The kids had fun S went to the beach and A went to
the pool with his friends,,,I have been blessed in small
ways the help I am getting and have been offered while i go
through this situation...To date I have no idea where he is
if he is dead or alive,,,guess he is alive no one at his
job seems to be looking for him ,,,but he has chosen to cut
us off,not even communicating with the kids,,,,i hope he
gets better,or figures out what he wants in life...Have a
councilling sesion tomorrow,where i will get with this
alone only god knows....I will go because it will look good
for me if we end up in court,at least i am trying to make
my marriage work not tht i thought anything was wrong...Oh
well....Gunna watch jag and the have a good nights sleep
and half day tomorrow,,,,