2001-06-19 22:43:14 (UTC)

New day

Today I got my learners permit to drive- its very exciting-
my mom was almost crying right there in the secretary of
state office! I am still on my crazy diet, which i screwed
today when i had a peice of cherry pie and 2 pieces of
pizza to celebrate my permit-- like a million calories-
golly, so i cant eat ne thing else for the rest of the day-
i m down to my summer low with my weight tho- i gotta get
down to at least.... well.... 15 pounds lighter....by
september for my license... dont' want it to say how much i
really weigh! I am really scared to drive tho..... ne ways,
golly i have a boring little life- cait and i are goign to
do sumthin tonite, but i m really sad cuz christian didn't
invite me to go to a movie with him tomorrow- he invited
sam tho..... and caitlin, but not me.....
i wanna get everyone's names done in here this summer- or
at least a little about them- they i will always remember
little things and stuff about them. I dont; have ne email-
crappy deal- i m downloading a new tantric song i saw the
lyrics to, and i m talking and its boring......golly- no1
is on, and no1 wants to do ne thing.. nobody even stops
over here ne more... shitty deal.. k- well- since i don't
have ne thing else interesting to write about, maybe i will
talk about some people- cya