~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-06-19 22:04:05 (UTC)

Hair Colors & Demons

Yes! A change of scenery is just what I need. So much in
fact, that I am changing my room, my hair color (to
blonde!!!!!) And I am hoping that will help me start over,
with a better personality than last years experiences have
left me with. So now I have the wisdom of everything i have
learned in the past yer, but I also have lots of messed up
parts in me, that have suddenly appeared in the last year!
Like, I am afraid of ANY and ALL new situations, and Im now
never sure whether my friends are really my friends, and Im
afraid to get close to people-I dont want to lose more
friends. And I hate boys, and never want another boyfriend
ever, lol. {long story!}
So I am hoping that all the demons following me around from
last year will go away along with my old haircolor, and my
old room color.
I sure hope so :)