Life At Sixteen, A walk in my And 1'
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2002-06-15 12:49:19 (UTC)

Relationships: Part 1

I really don't get the point of lying what so ever! I wish
that I could have something that would tell me who is lying
and who is telling the truth. It would make things soo much
god damn easier! And what is the point of dating two people
at once and lying about it! If you are gonna do it, at
least admit to it!

I sat down last night and I thought about him, and thought
about him...and where did it get me? Nowhere! I have so
many fucken people telling me all this shit and I can't
sort it out! I wana believe him, but they sound so right!
I am just so fucked up!

Maybe I am just being used, but for what?! All I do is have
fun. I play ball with him, chill with him. Things only
happened twice, and we both wanted it to happen. I never
let myself get attached when we did that. But now I'm stuck!

Man I'm between a rock and a hard place this time.