DayDream Believer
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2002-06-15 11:50:16 (UTC)

Can it get worse then this?

Friday I was told that me and 5 others from my class is
going to have an oral exam in geografi. Its the worst
subject at the worst time. Its not about citys in Belgum
and stuff like that, but about glacier`s, and how they
shaped our mountans, rivers, fish and how the world has
changed since the beginning of time, blah.
And none of my frinds has to do it!!

I`ve started to have bad drems when I sleep, Im over
sensitive because its allmost been four years since Selina
died, my faborite jeans got broken and I think my fahter
has started drinking agen.

Oh, my life is just so perfect!!

Samuel was verry bad for a while but now he`s better (my
only reson to live)
Its raining, Dante got a new girl friend, and I guess I
just could go on and on like that forver..
Nothing good happens to me anymore!

Im at my work now, Tommy is comming, maybe he can make me
laugh, I sure need it.