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2002-06-15 11:20:17 (UTC)

I've Realized Something

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There.......Current Music: 'Left Behind' by Slipknot

I'm in a really sour mood. I've lost all faith in my
friends, family, and the human race in general.

The world is filled with hypocrites. I hate hypocrites. I'd
rather be friends with an insane serial killer than a
hypocrite. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but hey.

I'm beginning to hate my friends. Friends are supposed to
be trust worthy. Friends are supposed to accept you for who
you are. Friends are supposed to be there for you. Sure, my
friends are like that. But only to a certain level. I'm not
sure if that makes any sense at all to you people out there
reading this entry. I guess I didn't explain that very
well, but fuck it. I don't feel like re-writing anything
right now!

I have one friend who is the biggest fucking hypocrite I
have ever come accross, and trust me, I've come accross
quite a few! Here's one example:

In a personality test she sent me, one of the questions
asked was, 'Who do you admire the most?'
she wrote, 'People who don't care what others think of them'

BULLSHIT. Why the hell does she laugh every single time she
see a person dressed in 'different' clothes walk down the
street? Shouldn't she be admiring them? If not caring what
others think of you is so damn important then why the hell
is every second thing she says ,'But people will think I'm
'What will they think?'
'But I'll look like a dick!'
'Oh my good! That person looks so weird'
'Doubt it! I'm not doing that! I don't want people thinking
I'm weird!'

etc. etc. etc.

Quite a few of the comments about people looking strange
are directed to me!

'Goth! Hahahahaha!'
'Look everyone, Rachel bought more black stuff, what a

I get more teasing from my 'friends' about being different
than I do from my worst enemies!

I don't really mind that much about the teasing though. It
doesn't bother me that much at all. The only thing that
bothers me is that fact that she still gets credit for
being accepting of others' differences! What a load of

But, I guess things will never change. 'Normal' people will
always be intolerant of people that are different from
themselves. Something that I'll have to learn to live with.

Pisses me off though.

I really hope that I'm not the only person that thinks
this. If you've read this far, PLEASE give me some
feedback. It will be interesting to see how many people
haven't got bored and pressed the stupid 'Back' button on
their browser. Hehehe......

Well, I'd better get off here now, because my parents are
home. Depending on how tired I get, I might make ANOTHER
entry tonight.

Bye Bye

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