2001-06-19 21:37:46 (UTC)

Eyes That See

Again they come in abundance joy
tip toeing like ballerinas to a ball
slowly creeping, pas de deux
slowly moving, graceless fear

Again they come at three past four
In mornings when the little ones snore
And when the dawn awakes the cock
they slip of under your bedsheet

I've seen them once, I've seen them trice
but never have I seen them holding hands
Forever in their glassless eyes
They conjure up spells before you can rise

These little men, these aliens are
short and bald but pleasant to the touch
Rubbery skin yet smooth as silk
You'd wonder what they'd use to sleep

The saucers hover in your mind you see
Not how the twisted parody of googles
And child-like imagination run in eyes
that see, seeing so deep they make you

sleep... sleep... sleep... in a journey
never to be awaken..
in a journey far
from home they say
the rats just dont make
it now they say
how sad.. so sad, these eyes they see
how sad.. so sad, these eyes... they

... see

Copyright AainaalyaA©, All Rights Reserved, 2001.