A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-15 08:23:47 (UTC)


I met Wes somehow online lastnight. Somehow we got
connected on our msn messenger i'm not sure how. But it
happened. We ended up talking on the phone for like three
hours lastnight. The conversation was awesome. Like three
hours long.. nothing really sexual though. Anyways.. it
turns out he's 22 years old and played hockey in the sjhl.
I was like.. sweet.. defenceman... 6'4", big.

Anyways.. he came over tonight.. and I hate to be mean..
but he looked like a fucking ape. He's body was good...
big but good. I just couldn't stand the sight of him. He
wasn't too bad looking.. but I just couldn't bring out the
slut within me.

Anyways... we sat on my couch for awhile.. kissed for
abit.. it was gross... and he played with my nipples for
awhile.. sucked on them abit. I was sort of turned on. I
just kept imagining him on the ice... but it didn't help.

I feel abit bad. Because I think he really likes me.. and
I know how I felt when TD Dean threw me in the garbage.
But oh well. I'm talking to Justin on msn about playing
with my ass.. so i'm starting to feel better already.