Emerald Spirit
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2002-06-15 07:34:31 (UTC)

Living in spirit

I have another journal online, but thats more of a rant,
whats going on in the day sort of thing.. Using it more for
unloading and rethinking the days events. This one is
going to be to remind me what i should be grateful for.
There are exercises in spirtual journalling I am working on
in a email group that I will probably post here also.

Kind of like this

1. gratidue list every day ( at least 5)
2. Some sort of rant of a spiritual nature
3. Exercises from the list
4. Quotes that inspire me, with the sources attached
5 What ever else strikes my fancy.

Living in spirit. *sighs* Isn't that something that we all
strive to achive, no matter what religous path we are. My
husband is a very spiritual man yet professes to no set
religous values. He's a walking contridiction in terms,
but he is a honorable and wonderful man.

Blessing the chaos and going on, remembering that there is
a reason for the peoples pain.. Which is why they are
striking out in anger. Fear is anger turned inwards. Truely
I belive that.

This is not easy path to live on, I stumble on it a lot..
Then I try to pick myself up and go on.