lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-06-15 07:04:16 (UTC)

zach, switchfoot boy, dejavu

what a perfect day!!!! when you think things can't get any
better, the phone rings at 11:30!!

we went to magic mtn & it was crazy insane fun. we went on
every ride and the longest line was for dejavu (an hour and
a half) and other than that we pretty much walked on every
ride. ohhh it was cool. but dejavu was off the
diculously good!! and while we were waiting, we talked about
what we'd do if we got pregnant and the guys said what
they'd do if they got someone pregnant. really weird
stuff. and then this beauty of a kid walked up to ninja and he
was wearing hot little skater shoes and had plugs and i was
like OOOOH and then he turned around and i saw he was
wearing a switchfoot sweatshirt!! yay!! and about 5 min
later, i was madly careening down the halls of superman in
the wrong direction yelling "run! run!" for no reason at
all, and he ran into me and he said in the greatest little
voice i've ever heard, "carefulllllll! don't ruuuun!" and
i was deeply touched.

AND THEN!!!!!! i got online and saw zach on so i said hi &
he said hi & then he asked me a question & i answered it &
then he didn't answer my question. so i was like bawling
on the floor (not entirely)...and then 5 minutes later (by
then it was 11:30 pm, mind you), the phone rang and my dad
answered it and brought it in and said, "it's some guy, i
think it's blake." i had the urge to run, but i answered
the phone and it was zach and i was like WOWWWW! (i think
i literally said "wow" like 3 times when he said "this is
zach"). but he was calling me to ask me to his birthday
party next saturday, the one day of my life i WILL be in
town! yay to that. um yeah and so i'm excited. and then
he said, "when's your youth group, cuz miles and i are
gonna come!" so i told him and he said "what building?" and
i said "no we do it at the beach in summer, remember?" and
he said "wow cool you still do that? alright! well we can
talk about it on saturday, okay? we're going to come this
summer though!" and i melted in my shoes & then i could
hear zach's little relatives (haha like brianna) yelling
and he had to go but it was cute. melted my heart. peace
out, dogs. i still want to marry him.

one question: what are the odds that miles & zach would become
friends?! ONLY IN MY LIFE!!!