2001-06-19 21:29:22 (UTC)


you wanted to be me
and i wanted to be you
and where did we end up
i miss you too

i smoked too many cigarettes.
you drove too slow.
i drove too fast.
we never cared about the past.
it was the future we planned.
a together.
for us
you and me
for always

the years went by
and our dreams must have died
as they tend to do.
with time.
and i hated you for not calling me.
i cursed you in my mind
and then the call finally came.
and i loved you with more passion
than the deserts love the rain.

i guess i was too late.
i guess my love was really hate.
i remember you still.
and i miss you as much as i love you.

i always looked up to you.
i always pretended i was so much stronger.
but without you
i can see clearer

sometimes i think that maybe if i had called more.
or if i had gone a different way.
maybe if i hadnt moved.
maybe if you hadnt stayed.
i might be able.
to talk to you...

i think about you everyday.
i think about you everyday.
youre still alvie in my memories.
and sometimes still
i wish i could be you.