Reality Bites
2002-06-15 06:30:56 (UTC)

Never is a promise...

Today was good. I had my last driving lesson and that went
really good, he was really impressed which is good cause
he's tough to please. Then I came home and had a really big
headache so I slept and Luke woke me up around ten to 3,
which was good cause I was supposed to meet everyone at
Alyssa's at 3 to go to the beach. So I talked to him for
like 10 minutes and then I went over. The beach was really
fun, it was just us girls which was nice. Then I went back
to Alyssa's and her sisters annoying friends were over that
are in like 7th grade. They sucked they kept annoying us.
The boys kept hitting on us and we were like 'blah get away
little boys we have no make-up on and we're in sweats, what
exactly is attractive about us'. We watched movies and
stuff for a few hours then my mom came and got me at 11ish
cause she was sick and wanted me to make her soup and stuff
lol, I didnt care, but it seemed like more effort for her
to come get me than to make soup but to her it wasnt. It
was funny. So when my mom went to bed like RIGHT after we
got home, Luke called and we talked for like 2 hrs and then
he had to go, and I was tierd so that was cool. Then I got
all this energy and Rob and Dan and Jon called and they
were very drunk and wanted to come over, but I said no
since my mom was sick and plus they're assholes when
they're drunk. Rob and I talked for like a half hour and
then I cleaned my room which was a complete shit hole. I
feel better now that its clean.

Carli is mad at me because she called the other night at
midnight and it was the night b4 my last 2 finals and so I
was beyond bitchy on the phone but I'm sorry, I was half
asleep and she should know that just because its summer for
her, doesnt mean Im up too. She knew I had finals and I had
talked to her b4 I went to bed hours earlier and she knew
it was finals week AND that I was going to bed...she just
probably felt what she had to say was more important than
my sleep. Shes a bitch like that sometimes. So yeah, shes
not speaking to me, which is dumb too cause come on! get
over it, I was half asleep after all and if she couldnt
tell that she is dumb...whatever to her.

I really need some direction and focus in my life. I feel
very out of control....