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2002-06-15 05:29:01 (UTC)

Little update

So with out my emtional ranting and singing lol mention a few
good points of my day. I passed my driving test. Yep I'm
licesened yeah i know that's spelled wrong. I only got 3
points off. I'm not telling anyone yet though. See people
have been getting on my case for not having one so the next
time my friends say so when you gonna get a licesence. I can
say right now. Or i already have it don't you feel like a
dumb ass:). My friends can be mean sometimes. So ha they
can look stupid. oh well. I also Placed outta the Subject A
testthing so i don't have to take some dumb class and i also
placed into Precalculus. So that was all pretty sweet shit.
Oh and I only missed 3 on my test. Now if i could just get
the guy of my dreams stop these wacky emtions (no i'm not
PMSing)and hope for better friends and esteem i'd be set. Go