Thoughts to Share
2002-06-15 05:14:49 (UTC)

strange things are afoot....

Today was quite the strange day. This morning everyone was
just ill. I dunno why...combination of things I suppose.
The day began with a prospect sighting. :-O Ha. Then
there was the physics test. Wow...it drained me. Usually
they're not...well, not easy, a challenge, but not
something extreme. Usually I am in there at 10, and out by
11. Nope..not today folks. I don't know why...a
combination of things probably. The material was tougher I
suppose, I didn't have a good grasp on the concepts (not as
solid as I would've liked) and I think the test was tougher
honestly. I got back to the house at about 11:45. I was
absolutely drained. So I think Mer and I were a bit on
edge already from that. Then there was....
Lunch in Shouse. An adventure as always, watched over by
the hawks, aka lunch ladies. That's enough to piss you off
in general.
Today-we rebelled. Sprinklers were turned off
approximately twice. :-p Muhahaha.
Dave came by this afternoon. We visited for a while.
Then, I took a quick nap....or tried to. It's not easy
living by the front door. Talked with Blake a little and
worked on my physics lab write-up before I went in to
Work was frustrating. I'm just not comfortable in my role
at the work here. I don't need to be told to keep the
drive thru window shut b/c it's hot outside. At 20 yrs old
I'm old enough to know when it's hot and anyways...some
people just make me ill. :-p Honestly, I'm looking forward
to working back at home. I know my role there. They know
me. I know them. They like me. I like them. :-) It
works out well. But, it was a good experience. I
learned. I met some fun people. :-) And did some
stalking. Ha.
I called Julie on the way home from work....all the way in
Montana! Actually, I talked with Russ, and then Julie.
That was interesting. When I pulled up at the house, I
jumped in Mer's car and we drove to the store.
Tonight...we bake! Lemme tell ya, we were some baking
fools. Haha. We made peanut butter cookies...excellent.
We also made some H-U-G-E blueberry muffins. We'll have
them tomorrow when we cook breakfast. I am very excited.
We gave some cookies to a girl that lives above us. She
hates us I think, so maybe the cookies were like a peace
offering of sorts. I dunno...it's hard to say.
Tonight...Mer and I are having a slumber party...this house
is scary dude. Can't sleep in a room alone. Ha. Sparkles
will be holding down this side of the suite tonight.
Tomorrow after I get packed up, I'm heading to Salisbury to
spend some time with the family. See my dad for Father's
Day. :-) Also spend some time with Blake in the afternoon
I hope. Run by work, get scheduled for when I come
home...I hope I hope I hope I hope.
Next week is the last week of the session. Whew...it's
been a killer. But we've had some fun times. :-)
Now....to bed. :-)

"Go back to your skanky, physical plant, fertilizing
hole." That sounds reeealy bad, but I promise, it's not.
Just 1 of my humorous, quality statements.