2001-06-19 20:50:15 (UTC)

i sold my soul to the devil for 75 bucks

im the bitch you call when she's not around. im the slut who
takes all yr crap when my self esteem wont shine. im the one
who bails you out of everything. im the one who defecates on
my own heart. im too nice for my own shit on me
and i take it. im the bitch you call when no one else will
hit on you. im an ego boost and its nice to meet you. im the
one whose never good enough. im the one you fuck but wont
bring around yr friends. im the one who allows you to
control me. im the one with no self esteem and i think ill
have another so please drive through. six years and where
have i gotten? where did i begin? i can't recall the road i
took nor do i know what highway my exit is off of. a
downward spiral to fall in love...but i dont know how to get
back up again. if i gave you my heart would you use it to yr
advantage? are you like the rest? i think so. if i knew what
was good for me i'd be a better person. if i knew what was
good for i just might have the courage to fuck you over and
over and over again. no one to blaim but myself and i know
this so stop reminding me. im the one who doesn't love
myself enough and i expect you to? i spit on that comment.
im the one who knows it all but never does anything. i play
the strong girl...but im not. you could call right now and
i'd offer you the world like i've done in the past...instead
of offering you a dial tone. just once i'd like to do it
instead of talk about it. just once i'd like to be the
person i view myself as. just once id like to have control
and use you like you use me and all the others that use me a piece of trash and its nice to meet you.