Big whoaday
2001-06-19 20:23:51 (UTC)


Dear journal,
Today,June 19th,2001, though the rest of the week and
summer for that matter is going to be strait chillin,
becuase i am sooo tired of being upset by women, Andrea in
particular. I called her and left a messege and said trhat
i wasnt sure if she was avoiding me or jsut not home so i
said if it is not to much trouble can we talk becuase i
think we need to becuase we havent lately. But like she
called today and was like I was at fuc....ing work so that
is why i couldnt call you. So she had a holy fit and said i
was a jerk. So i am sooooooooooooo thougfh with the whole
thing becuase it is going no where but the crapper, so that
is all i have to say about that!!!! Well that is all i have
for now, i'll talk to you later. Peace!!

Brian Norris
June 19th,2001