SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-15 03:46:05 (UTC)

pepsi in the crack...

i decided 2 write about stephs so thar were water balloons...all of us
water balloons = BAD BAD every one got soaked
but like me steph's 2 and 3 and erin just about...we waz
smart and we stayed near the cd player lolol...then hell
opened up....we watched scary movies which still scare me
now and i dun wanna sleep down stairs alone so if u wanna
join me i DEF wont stop ya lol thennn stupiddd kyle's fone
rings and he gets up and knocks more shit over and this
time it was pepsi and it went down the back of my pants and
my undies def wasent stopin it cuz they were sorta kinda c
threw so yea...veryyy cold...and when i walked in 2 the
door @ home and i put my arms up like @ a concert and my
bros like..." r u drunk" and i told my mom what he asked
and shes like lemmy smell ur was very
funny....welll im sleepyyy so ill ttyl spaderrrrr