2002-06-15 03:34:23 (UTC)

Later in the week...

Well, yesterday (Thursday)... i woke up. I didnt have any
gas money.. so i searched my house for some coins to wrap.
I ended wrapping enough coins to cash in for $25. So then i
had some stupid driving thing at the school. Later that
day, i went to some carnival/fair thing in Penn Hills with
a few friends, then we went to some kids house. Late last
night, Calley bleached my hair for me, then i came home and
attempted to die it blue... but ah... now it is sort of
green... oh well. Today was a fun day. I went to Kennywood
today for my school picnic. Representin with me was Snives,
Sacca, Meg, and Katelyn. I had a lot of fun with them.
Afterwards... we went to get something to eat. Then,
Katelyn and I went to Meg's house for a few. Now i am
online typing this.