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2002-06-15 03:08:48 (UTC)


If you couldn't tell by my last entry I've decided to be
angry. I have a bundle of emotions right now and i'm not
sure where to put them. So right now I'm being angry not
really at him I mean I'm not telling him i'm mad I
just...need to be mad at him for a awhile. I know that
sounds rediculous but it is better than the other feelings I
have. Angry I can deal with and it's not hurting anyone. I
don't feel stupid or hopeless or broken hearted. *peesh* and
I really shouldnt this is what I wanted and thinking back on
it..yeah he was a jerk, yeah I pushed him to it
sometimes...but other times he hurt me so bad. I heard Sugar
Ray on the radio and their sog rung so true to me and it
reminded me of somethings and how it feels and that basically
it is only an illusion.

When it's over that's when I fall in love again.
And when it's over that's when you're in my heart again.
And when you go go go go
I know, it never ends...
It never ends

All things I used to say
All words that got in the way
All things that i used to know
Have gone out the window

All songs that she used to sing
All things she used to bring
Our favorite T.V. shows
Have gone out the window

And i'm missing you
Never knew how much you meant to me
I'm missing you

And there's more but that's all I can recover from my memory
and the main points. I know the only time I want him is when
i'm not with him, When i'm with him I'm bored and feel
inclosed. I love him but i'm not in love with him. And this
feeling with pass. And I am really in love with other people
and when i'm with them....i forget about silly hm and
feel...happy simply speaking, unless he's breaking my heart:P


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