A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-06-19 19:43:33 (UTC)

vas ist das?

im in thrall, a concurring thing but thrall nonetheless. Im
in it because of a number of things. the first is my
reoccurring thought process about a girl, A girl that makes
eye contact with me when she speaks, its as if she's not
afraid to tell me anything, i cant stress enough, the
honesty factor in a relationship whether it being a friend
or a girlfriend, its still the people whom i interact with.
its important to me, where as i think it should be
important to us all. i don't really trust women, not after
all the times i was cheated on, or made to feel dumb and
unreliable when i tried my hardest.
She seems not to care if im 100% proper and
impressionable at all times, i don't need to be the cause
of her revolving world, i just need to be myself and she
accepts me for who i am, this is where being comfortable
comes in to play and we all know being comfortable is a
great thing. maybe that's why humans are such social
creatures, we find comfort in human contact, residing
interactions with people sets our inspirations free and we
further to express our feelings, instead of keeping um all
bottled up in side like some. N E way she fucking moves me
and i like it! its been a month and were not going out, but
we are, its odd but wonderful.
my other cause for awe is my friends who never stop
amazing me and i love um all. with out my friends i would
rival in self pity, they make life's bullshit worth taking
just to know their around. yeah its all of us in this crazy
ass click yo, but we bout it!
i just hope they know if the shit is down im gonna try me
hardest to be there for um
hell i was holding Mr.self pity's trembling little hand,
because i know how much he get off on fucking up, yeah 5
years of his shit and i was there. Yeah sometimes im a self
rightious prick, but at least i know empthy and i dont shit
were i sleep, right BILL!!!