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2001-06-19 19:27:36 (UTC)

Tuesday 19th June 2001

Mental health today: OK but weary and weak.
Too tired to talk really as I've been working all day and
decorating at night. Doing the woodwork at the moment.
Finished painting at 6pm tonight.

Busy at work-phones never stopped and voice gone! Not funny
at work-don't know what the hell's happening but everyone
is hyper and annoyed (the punters I mean)Haven't had chance
to pay much benefit as just been a telephonist all bloody
day, all of us have. Breathed a sigh of relief when 2.00pm
came and I grabbed my coat and ran out. It was that bad
today. Thank God I work part-time now. Couldn't cope if I
had to work till 4.30-gone are the days of being away from
home 12 hours a day.

Just had evening meal-prawn curry and rice/side dish of
courgettes/carrots/onion rings and broccoli. Stuffed myself
with 2 choc biscuits at work, as well as bananas for
breakfast/nachos and wholemeal toast. Feel very weak now
and need to go to bed. Do not feel well at all-been dizzy
and constant headache since Saturday, living on aspirins.
Not good that.

Sue texted re results from hysteroscopy op--negative, so
that's good news but still no further re her bleeding etc.
Adrienne texted me too as she's on leave and Father is
giving her horrid time.

Gonna have to go coz I want to watch programme on TV
re 'can you live without designer labels?' Don't think I
can focus on screen anymore and can hardly type as I feel
so weak.

Been very warm today but totally cloudy-am so tired I could
die. Finish work tomorrow as in hosp. Thursday for the day-
hope they don't find owt and keep me in. Am positive though
and not looking forward to starving from Wednesday night
until Thursday night. Ron got special leave granted for
Thursday-that's damned nice of them! He will be able to
relax and collect me from hosp. at 7pm.

Bum pain 7/10 today-aching again but not as bad as last
week. Sick of it I am and fed up.
Bye for now

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