Germany and Beyond
2001-06-19 18:50:29 (UTC)


I thought, heck, I have time to update my diary, so I am
going to! Actually, I have no life and all I do is sit on
the computer. That is not exactly true either (but
close!). I had play practice all day today basically and
it went rather smoothly. I am in a class called "Wie
Spielen Theater" (Let's play theater), and we have a
performance at the end of this semester...acutally six
performances. I am in two short Monty Python sketches, and
they are really funny, but so much work! Comedy is hard,
especially in a foreign language! SO, needless to say, I
am going to be very busy at the end of this month and the
beginning of July. BLAH!

The weather is really great today, but I have been trapped
in class all day and could not enjoy it. Damn! SO,
perhaps I will try to enjoy it now...

Until next time,