sheesh ya fuck
2002-06-14 23:51:33 (UTC)

dinky doo

missing you is a piece out of all these surroundings
i lost myself in the hallway to insanity roaming the
pathless trails dont worry hun im feeling numb Lysol will
disinfect our faults she was flea covered anemic .8 ounces
nearly a pound of bones,parasites,and pain. big eyes to
shred us up with..her name was Suffer. youll have yours..
no fight in the other world.this will make you
long so long pitifuls. death is revenge.i just wanted to
come.waiting room fist up with bleeding wrist no struggle
with the last wanted it you needed it ..i keep
telling myself more green eyes peering at the
world nothing more to see...pull yourself up pull
out..impregnate the innocent..ruin it before it ruins you.
i wont i wont take you home after the ride at 4 take you
out soo hard fuck you hard.shut up.take my pain.shut your
fucking mouth(louder) lips bloody red feel me do you? feel
this do you? a love burning hate a shadow in my fate. now
its just how it is. i will disenagrate the upsetting
sneaking them in and draining myself out.i am not okay.had
you fooled?had the world looking up untill..i broke
another veil.tasting another another were
tasting another..while she was tasting her platter the
second time round' ressurection is all we need..i got it i
got the palms gripping it hard digging it like
glass..ruining the handprints of newborn beings.i feel no
worry. i wont listen..ignorance will beat me out of this
town. i prefer the shade leave it alone..we prefer this