Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-14 23:48:00 (UTC)

Seems my journal is turning into an update page for my site

But I have to put something in this thing whilst the
outside world passes by without my input. And it does kind
of have something to do with my feelings anyway. Well
whenever I do some hard or long html, I test it to see if
its all in order. Each time it does work fine, I feel
happy about it. Not an "oooh look, I've accomplished
something none of my frieds could do haha" kind of
happines but more of a "I finally did it, my grand plan
for something I created is beginning to come together". A
little over the top I know but when you have little
contact with anything else, any small happiness is better
than vowing revenge against anything that is even slightly
happy in life.

I added the "my drawings" section to the website. Have
about 20 pictures I have drawn. They're from anime and
computer games, two big things in my life. I'll probably
start some work on the "my friends" section. Feedback is
always welcome, wakka wakka wakka!


Well instead of starting on the "my friends" section of my website,
I started my story of what happened when I went to Stirling
University last September. It might be worth a read if you like
long, mundane tales. My site can be found at