Brain Drain
2001-06-19 18:21:19 (UTC)

The past few days

Well, shit...
I'm feeling so very Jerry Springer lately.(not sharing with
the group today)

I went to bed with a headache last night. As I was laying
there listening to this show on the learning channel called
the human animal.That man said that a man reaches his
sexual peak at 18 (I knew that), but he really got my
attention when he said a woman reached hers at 22. Wait a
damn minute!? They said 30 before. So this means that I
missed it or I wasted it on my exhusband. Damn it to hell.
This morning I woke up at 6:15 of my own free will.
Strange. AND, I still had the same damn headache I had when
I went to sleep. I was going to have a 'guest' this morning
but, unfortunately, SOMEONE decided to stay at home. my day
is sucking so far.
no nap, no sex, no freedom at all
So my day has been so many levels of shit today but, it'll
be all right. It's not that bad, and I'm really not all
that upset. I just feel like venting.

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Monday, June 18th, 2001
10:24 pm My eyes feel like their gonna bleed
In other words, it's time to take out my contacts for a
while. I'll be spectacled for a few days. ooooh, yesterday,
I am hot, sweaty, tired, blah, blah, blah.... I was asked
to go swimming at Joe's house. I am so there. So I got
there and the pool is closed. Not just normal closed.
Freaky twilight zone closed. We walk up and there's no
people and the lock is on the gate. It's still light out,
and it's still HOT. Absolutely deserted, but... the freaky
thing is that it wasn't deserted. People wise it was. But
there was stuff everywhere. Shoes and towels by chairs,
half drunk cokes, a radio still playing, etc... I have seen
way too many movies that have crap like that in them. I was
beginning to wonder if a meteor passed by while I was
sleeping or something...J/K
Anyway, I stayed home on Friday night. I should of slept
but, I'm stupid. Instead, I had a nice, long conversation
with youandwhosearmy. Had a pretty good time. Saturday, I
went dancing with friends. Would have had a great time, if
the music hadn't sucked. lol. It was alright though. Good
company, the right ones to sit back and make fun of others
with. anyway, going to ihop now, continue this later, maybe
my time has been off all day. Ssince I got up I have been
thinking it was an hour later than it really is. weird...
talk about Ronnie's brother

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