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2002-06-14 20:55:14 (UTC)


Lets see, where did I leave off? Just kidding, I know, New
Years Eve. That night I called her. She answered the
phone and I told her I was with the spelling police, come
to arrest her for bad spelling. She almost thought it was
real, but I started laughing. We talked on the phone for
quite a while. It was the first real phone conversation we
had together. She was waiting for Jessie, but she never
came. Thank god for that.(hahaha) I was the first to
arrive at the Eagle's club. We decided to go in together
so I waited for her in my truck. I'd say it was about 20
minutes or so before she showed up, I'm always early for
everything don't you know? She said that she would've been
there sooner but some one was holding her up. It took me
awhile to figure out it was me. We went in and sat. the
crowd was a little old for us, but we were waiting for some
co-workers whose idea it was to go there. Barb and her
husband showed up, then it was Kathleen and her fiancee and
her kids. We sat and talked for awhile, had some drinks,
snacked on some food, messed around with the party favors.
Then a band came out and played. They played something like southern
rock. Ok, but not our style. They were drawing raffle numbers in
between songs and one number they called out, she stood up and tried
to claim it even though she didn't really win. That was too funny.
After awhile we agreed to leave Eagles and go to Lucky's. I followed
her out and found the parking lot to be a bit crowded. After
circling a few times, somebody pulled out and I pulled in. I went
inot the hotel/club and waited for her. It seemed like it took her
awhile to find a spot but she finally did. I don't know why, but she
payed my way in. Guess she was leading me. Anyway, on the way in I
picked up a glow stick and put it around my neck. That place was
packed. We had to push our way through and it was also warm. Good
thing I put my coat in my truck. We walked around to see what was
going on, then we got drinks and sat down. I happened to recognize a
former classmate of mine. I said hi to her, but had a hard time
remembering her name. Oh well. I think it surprised her, but I
suggested we go out and dance before she did. We made our way
through the mob and on to the dance floor. We found our spot near a
mirror. We shook our money makers and were having a blast. She
turned around a few times and danced in front of the mirror. Once, I
tried to get in her way and she pushed me back. We took breaks for
awhile. Sat down and talked and then went back dancing. We did that
a few times. One time when we were dancing, this guy, who looked
spaced out, seemed like he was trying to cut in. So, I kind of slyly
moved in front of him to get him out of the way. Nobody was gonna
dance with her except for me on this night. On one of the breaks, we
were drinking and I was wondering if she was starting to get a buzz
on, so I asked her what 2 2 was. I guess that wasn't smart coz she
took offense to that. Sorry. When we sat down, she started rubbing
her legs against me. Think I was gonna make her stop? Ha, thats a
laugh. It was close to New Years so we went back on the dance
floor. I can't say I was expecting it, but I was wondering if she
was gonna kiss me. Instead we hugged. I wondered if our night was
gonna end at New Years, but we kept on dancing. They played a slow
dance and we embraced and danced together. I loved that feeling.
The night club made its final call and was closing down. Instead of
going home, we walked through the hotel and stopped next to the
pool. We talked there for awhile. Some kids caming running around
and she yelled at them. A guy wished us happy New Years, drunk, said
he thought about jumping in the pool. It was about 2:30 then and I
was wondering why she didn't want to go home since it seemed the
night was ending. I started heading out the door, but she stayed
behind. I didn't leave though. I came back in and asked if she was
ready to go. We talked for a little while longer. During this time
near the pool, she would lean against. Then, I would lean on her.
Months after this night, she confessed to me that she wanted me to
kiss her that night. God, I wish I could have that night over
again. We finally made our way out of the hotel. She went out the
door by my truck so I offered her a ride to her car. I made my way
around and parked the truck. She wanted to sit and my truck while
her car warmed up. We sat in there for a bit, listened to some
music. She didn't wanna leave. I didn't wanna make her. She did
finally get out though. I followed her up to the light, but after
the light, she was gone. Sped off as I watched her and the night
disappear. A night I will NEVER forget. If we would've been lovers
then, that night would've been pure bliss. I didn't know I was gonna
write this much so I think I'm gonna stop here. Stay tuned. Next is
the computer and instant messaging where all is

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