The lost little girl
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2002-06-14 20:28:15 (UTC)

i love nights like that...

since we can't go to kareoke anymore we've picked
alternative ways to keep ourselves busy. for instance we
were at katy's house last night for a camp fire. it was
cool...there were a bunch of people there.it was katy,
terry, aaron, laura, heather, dana, jeff ( dana's friend),
carol, nick, katie, hibbs, daniel, travis, grace, and
myself...if i left anyone out, i'm sorry, it was a long
night, one too many rolling rocks and stuff. so yeah,i wake
up this morning, come down stairs and sit at the comp. my
mom walks up and is like " did someone bite you?" ( now the
fact is katy, carol, and myself do bite people...it's a
vampire fetish thing) and i was like " why???" she's like "
cuz you have a hickey on the left side of your neck.." i was
like.." oh ( play it cool) it's prolly just from katy
,...she's weird like that!" ...now i don't know who did
it...katy, carol, or aaron..so it's kinda up in the air
right now. i'm gonna go and try to collect my thoughts on
last night. i will talk to you all soon, and i'll let you
know if i remember anything else. love you - janie

daily quote:
" it's so bad, we'll fight and then we'll make out, that's
just how we are" - aaron ( about me and him)

-2 hours later-

" OMG ,..it's been two hours, you have hardly fought and
you're already making out...good god!" - Dana

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