2001-06-19 17:56:24 (UTC)

no more masquerades...

im havin a terrible tummy ache.. but i have disclosed it to
anyone bcoz simply i seem to be plagued down with something

yesterday was de fat issue remember.??

i bought a top today.. another halter... light charcoal..
small... i noe i noe.. i shouldnt have coz my size is M..
but dy said it fits so i bought it.. oh well, i could
always use it to lure me into goin back to de gym and lose
some weight... yey!

i have a date with low and birch tomorrow...
theyve been callin out to me since beginning of the
holidays.. so tomorrow they will receive all dued

i miss my baby.. but dats a different story..

my stomach hurtts..

we went to get banana juice just now...
i went downtown to catch a flick.. sucks anyways.. lara
ctroft... its only worth a pirated cd...
so anyways.. dy had tuition.. so i met her on her way back..
oh well, pathetic.. but at least a get a dosage,albeit
minimal, of my dy everyday to secure my sanity~~

i think im heading town again tomorrow.. study...

i gtg.. get sappy with pillow..