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2001-06-19 17:29:30 (UTC)

sex and religon- ladybug in my face

first the ladybug on my face- i had an exam today and as
soon as i as i start, i feel something weird on my
forehead. i brushed off and an orange ladybug with 14 black
spots landed on its back with its little bug feet
struggling in the air. long story short the little bug sat
on my desk and brough me good luck on the exam. dont worry
i hepled him flip back over.

so on to the next topic: religion lately ive been feeling like i am
finally comming into my own and that i am finding out a lot of new
things about myself. for the first time i have strong beliefs that i
do not want to compromise for ne one. i do believe in god. i cannot
say for sure that there is in fact a god, but who cares? not to be
disrespectful but i dont find it a waste to believe in god even if
there is not one. to me either there is a god or god is a metafore
for hope and goodness. i think even if there is not a god it is more
rewarding to live a "christian" life. to me my faith is more of a
spiritual thing. i hate going to church and i dont get down on my
hands and knees to pray. but if i feel good i like to think that the
reason is because of god. and if i feel bad having a god makes me
feel that there is always someone and that there is hope.

next topic is sex-what made me think of this is that i was on a web
site and these 12 and 13 year old girls were asking advise about sex,
it made me pretty sick that they were so concerned about it and that
they were so sure about it and themselves. So, i hate how people -
particularly the church and my parents say wait till u r married to
have sex. i hate how it is percieved as a big thing that is veiwed
to be special. im not a slut and im not trying to sound raunchy. i
also hate the way sex can be veiwed as casual and something that
people pride themselves with. my personal opinion is that shit
happens and if you are going to have sex at least to it for a reason
that is true to you. you cant go into it with no self respect and you
cant wait untill your married and expect fireworks. so to em its not
a big thing that should look forward to and it is not something
recreational that you should be doing with 3 people every weekend. so
that was just my opinion and i am sur it will change again in the
near future