Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-14 19:46:57 (UTC)

Thoughts for a rainy day

I got up at 11am like I said I would since my father and I
were planning on going to Paisley. He wasn't up yet and I
chose not to go like a lazy individual so I went back to
sleep. Decided to have a long sleep as in waking up at
4pm, a few minutes before father returned. He bought me a
new watch since my last one fell apart a few days ago.
It's silver in comparison to my old watch which was gold
and silver. It's heavier than my last one but its cool.
Only cost about £15 ($22) so it wasn't too expensive plus
it doesn't look too cheap so I won't be judged because of
my watch.

Mother was supposed to come over and give me some stuff
today but she never called. No matter, I can wait.

Tonights a nice night. Its bright, cool and the rain has
been falling heavily enough to make that peaceful rain
hitting the ground sound. It helps me relax.

I notice whilst reading other people's journals that many
of them are filled to the brim with the typical "my life
sucks, boohoo" type of entries. Sure, I've given my fair
share of bitter, woeful posts but when every post has some
kind of bad thing about their life in it, it makes me
wonder how anyone can be that miserable. I might have been
brought up to try and search for even the slightest shred
of goodness in a situation or something. Either that or I
don't care about other people at all. I think the latter
is more likely.

I finally finished my "About Me" page on my website. I
also put up a "links" page with a few websites I like.
Father is listening to Steps really loudly. At least I'm
quiet about it. Feeback would be appreciated.