My Life.............
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2002-06-14 19:28:04 (UTC)

I am so PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped at bobby's house after my walk because he yelled
for me, so i went in, soon as i sat down he started on me
about my sister, she says shes quiting her job because she
doesnt have anyone to watch the kids, and he acted like it
was all my fault, i always end up looking like the bad guy!
im so fucking tired of it! she is the one who had those kids
not me, i am not a babysitter!! i watched taylor for all
those years every fucking day, i raised her, but, no one
wants to remember that!!!!!!!
I want my own life, i have no kids im not married, and im
loosing weight, why cant i go out and enjoy my life?!?!?!?!?
im sorry Holly is having problems, we all do, and i cant
worry about her problems and my own, a person can only take
so much!
anyway, i got up, said "holly can do anything she wants",
and walked out, and he was yelling for me to come back, so
he told me to stick roy up my ass, and yelled bye, so i
yelled as loud as i could "FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!" just wait
till i talk to my sister again, shes going to get an
i knew Bobby wanted my sister, well, now he can have her,
he wasnt doing me any good anyway!!!!!!